Limudei Kodesh

REQUIRED SEFARIM LIST – 5777–8; 2017-18

One can purchase sefarim anywhere fine sefarim are sold.  We recommend the following website:  People were very happy with this service last year. Another convenient source is The Mitzvah Store on Beverly Blvd.  MBY talmidim receive a 10% discount at the Mitzvah Store.

Please order early.  We do not want to hear on the first day of school, “We ordered and the sefarim have not yet arrived.”

GEMARA IYUN (all grades):  מסכת קידושין  (עם פי’ הרי”ף)

Please get ONLY the ש”ס ווילנא החדש edition WITH the רי”ף.

No talmid may bring an ArtScroll Gemara to yeshiva.


Grades 10, 11 and 12

קובץ מפרשים קידושין (כלילת יופי) חלק א’ (brown cover)


  • Grade 9       מס’ מגילה
  • Grade 10     מס’ סוטה
  • Grade 11     מס’ סוכה
  • Grade 12     מס’ קידושין

NAVI (all grades): מלכים א’ וב’ Hebrew/English (ArtScroll Rubin Edition is recommended – must have Rashi, Radak and Metzudos).  ArtScroll sells a full set of student size Neviim Rishonim for a reasonable price.

HALACHA  Bochurim should own a full set of Mishna Berurah

  • Grade 9:      Mishna Berurah 1
  • Grade 10:    Mishna Berurah 2
  • Grade 11:    Mishna Berurah 6
  • Grade 12:    Mishna Berurah 3 & 6

CHUMASH: Bochurim are expected to independently learn each week Parshas HaShavuah, Chumash and Rashi.  Saperstein edition is allowed.  There is a written exam each Sunday.


  • Grade 10: פרקי אבות עם רבינו יונה
  • Grade 11: חפץ חיים הל’ לשון הרע
  • Grade 12: מסילת ישרים