Grade 9

SEFARIM AND BOOK ORDER – 5777-8; 2017-18


Students are expected to come to the first day of class fully prepared with all required texts. Please order all your texts early.

Note:  You may wish to purchase used books from last year’s students.  When ordering General Studies textbooks online, make sure the ISBN number (or ASIN –Amazon Standard Identification Number) is accurate so you get the correct edition.  Try both and  Prices are not always uniform.  Do not go into shock – many textbooks are very expensive but used books are very economical.  Also try: or E-Bay. There is a frum textbook company “Textbook Agency” which you can try 800-910-1230.

GEMARA:  (מסכת בבא מציעא (עם פי’ הרי”ף

(Reb Dovid requests his talmidim not to use Oz V’Hudar gemaros)
No talmid may bring an ArtScroll Gemara to yeshiva.

GEMARA BEKIUS: מסכת מגילה

NAVI:  ‘שמואל א  Hebrew/English (ArtScroll Rubin Edition is recommended – must have Rashi, Radak and Metzudos). ArtScroll sells a full set of student size Neviim Rishonim for a reasonable price.

HALACHA: Mishna Berurah vol.1.   Bochurim are expected to own the entire set and bring in volumes as needed

CHUMASH: Bochurim are expected to independently learn each week Parshas HaShavuah, Chumash and Rashi.  Saperstein edition is allowed.  There is a written exam each Sunday on the entire Parsha with Rashi.


  • Prentice Hall Biology California Edition by Miller and Levine ISBN# 0132013525
  • Lab Manual “A” ISBN# 013115284X


  • Annotated Macbeth, ISBN-13 978-1420952186
  • The Essential Homer, ISBN-13:978-0872205406
  • The English Department will be compiling additional material in a booklet form and assigning.  Students will be asked to pay for the printing and binding costs.
  • Additional books may be assigned throughout the year. Students will be expected to purchase those texts in a timely fashion once they are assigned.


  • World History: The Human Experience by Farah and Karls, Glencoe/McGraw Hill, ISBN#0-07-821615-x


  • Algebra: Structure and Method, Dolciana/Brown, McDougal Little ISBN #0395977223


  • Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge. Richard Rhod, McDougal Little ISBN #086609965

* You are enrolled in one of the Math classes (either Algebra I or Geometry).  You will be informed shortly regarding math placement.  Do not purchase a Math textbook until you are notified which class you will be taking.