Grade 12


Students are expected to come to the first day of class fully prepared with all required texts. Please order all your texts early.

Note:  You may wish to purchase used books from last year’s students.  When ordering General Studies textbooks online, make sure the ISBN number (or ASIN –Amazon Standard Identification Number) is accurate so you get the correct edition.  Try both and  Prices are not always uniform.  Do not go into shock – many textbooks are very expensive but used books are very economical.  Also try: or E-Bay. There is a frum textbook company “Textbook Agency” which you can try 800-910-1230.


  • HAMLET   ISBN-10: 074347712X  
    • Folger or Arden editions are acceptable–any edition with LINE NUMBERS
  • Students will be asked to purchase additional books and materials in the course of the year.



    • Physics: Principles and Problems, Glencoe California Edition, ISBN#978-0-07-878738-6
    • TBD
    • Laptop**


    • Pre-calculus (5th edition), Houghton Mifflin; ISBN# 0618052852
  • * CALCULUS  
    • Calculus:Early Transcendentals Single Variable by Anton, Bivens, Davis ISBN# 978-0-471-48238-3
    • TI-84 Plus Calculator

* You are enrolled in only one of the above Math classes and one Science class.  Students who have completed Pre-Calculus will be enrolled in Physics; students who have completed Algebra II will be enrolled in Environmental Science.

** Students will be expected to have a laptop for this class from the first day of school. All students must comply with all regulations in the Student Handbook regarding use of laptops in Yeshiva.