Sukkos, Hoshana Rabba, Simchas Torah 5774

Attached is the flyer for Hakafos at MBY. We consider participation in Hakafos as a critically important component of your son’s educational experience in yeshiva. Therefore, it is absolutely mandatory that anyone within a 2 hour walking distance (see page 7 of the school manual) attend hakafos in the morning at MBY.

For those in the La Brea area there is a walking group that will leave the fire station on 3rd and Alta Vista at 7:30 AM.

Parents, please note that if there is any reason why you feel your son cannot attend, you should call me personally (no messages) BEFORE Simchas Torah.

Please be aware that your son will have a wonderful time here and within the context of a true Torah ruach. Families are welcome to join us for the hakafos. For those who wish to stay, we have a lovely Seudah after davening.

The following are not valid excuses: My son….

  •  Works as a bartender in our shul
  •  Lains, does youth group or blows shofar in our shul
  •  Gets dizzy going around in circles
  •  Is a hypochondriac
  •  Is anti-social

In addition, I implore parents to make sure their son stays with his father on Simchas Torah night and does not go shul hopping with friends. Many shuls irresponsibly serve alcoholic beverages and, in general, there is often a wild and unhealthy atmosphere among the youth roaming the streets that night.

The Rebbetzin and I would also like to invite all talmidim to our Succah on Motzaei Shabbos Chol HaMoed.

Gmar chasima tova and chag sameach

Rabbi Sholom Tendler

Please be aware that MBY has a vasikin (netz) minyan on Hoshana Rabba morning. Hoshanos are available.
6:10 Berachos & Yom Tov Pesukei d’Zimra
6:34 Borchu
6:44 Netz HaChama
8:30 Estimated end of davening

Klal Yisrael is at a crossroads, both physically and spiritually. Hoshana rabba is the time to daven!!!! Not the time for beauty sleep.

Schedule for Simchas Torah (all times estimated except for start time)
8:30 Shacharis
9:45 Light Kiddush
10:00 Hakafos
11:00 Deluxe Kiddush after third hakafa
11:30 Hakafos resume
1:30 Seudas Yom Tov in The Annex